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The joys of travelling with a small suitcase

The joys of travelling with a small suitcase

We recently published an article about travelling with an extra-large suitcase, but we feel like we should represent both sides. Just as many people on the Flight Knight team love travelling with small suitcases! We can't let the big bag brigade have the final say. 

There is something so freeing and cosmopolitan about travelling with a small cabin bag. You can pop in and out of any destination without worrying about lugging a heavy bag around behind you. And did we mention how much money you'll save on expensive baggage fees?

Here are our top 5 reasons that we love travelling with a small cabin bag! 

  • Hop on and off of transit with ease – Have you ever tried navigating the Paris Metro or the New York Subway with a huge bag? It's almost impossible. When you use a small cabin bag, you'll be able to weave through crowds, hop on crowded trains, and go where you want quickly without straining your muscles – or your patience. 
  • Highly curate your wardrobe to dress with impact and style – A large suitcase allows you to take too many unnecessary things with you – forget about it! Instead, curate your style before you leave the house. I love creating a travel capsule customised to different destinations. Each piece matches all of the others, and allows you to pack and go with ease. You'll look amazing without any extra effort or thought. Easy!
  • You never have to wait for the luggage carousel – Waiting at the luggage carousel is always a nerve-racking experience – will it show up, or will it get lost? Choose a small suitcase with wheels instead. You can stow it in the overhead compartment and then glide off of the plane and past the baggage collection area. You've already got your things, no need to wait!
  • Save money on excess baggage fees – Have you become irritated by the increasing cost of excess baggage fees over the years? We certainly have, and that's why we love small cabin bags. A Ryanair small bag allows us to get on and off budget airlines without having to pay loads of extra money. Spend the money at your destination instead!
  • Save time packing up as you leave each destination – If you are travelling around to different destinations on your holiday, a big suitcase can drag you down. Not only will it hold you up as you traverse the streets and transport, but it also takes loads of time to pack it back up. Choose a small suitcase with wheels instead and travel like a true jet setter. 


So – which camp are you in? Do you like to travel with an extra-large suitcase, or do you prefer jet-setting with a small cabin bag?

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