Hardshell vs soft case luggage – which is best for you?

So, you’re about to head off on holiday, and you need to choose a new set of luggage. But how to choose! There are thousands of options on the market, with different dimensions, shapes, materials, and features on offer. However, the first choice you’ll need to make is whether you should go for a hard-shell or a soft-shell suitcase. 

On the one hand, you want a lightweight bag that won’t add money to your baggage fees. But on the other hand, you want it to be durable, thief-proof, and resistant to tears and rips. How can you choose between the two? 

Our Flight Knight team has compiled some of the most important factors to consider when you’re choosing between a hard-shell and soft-shell suitcase. 


  • Weight of the bag

There is no denying that soft bags weight a lot less than hard-shell suitcases, and so if weight is the most critical factor for you, the answer is clear. That said, we have a wide range of hard-shell luggage that weighs as little as 2kg. 

  • Protection of your belongings

Airport baggage handlers are not known for their… delicate touch with people’s bags! Your checked suitcase is likely to get manhandled quite a bit. Keep in mind that bags can often end up waiting outside for hours in the rain - can your bag handle it? Hard-shell luggage with a tough BPS shell can handle anything you can throw at it, and it’s waterproof. 

  • Ease of mobility

People who value mobility and ease of transport often opt for soft-sided luggage because it is light and easy to manoeuvre. That said, four-wheeled suitcases have removed a lot of mobility concerns since they are simple to pull and push this way and that. On this one, we have to call a draw. 

  • Expandability and extra storage

One of the only downsides of a hard-shell suitcase is that it is a set size, and you can’t expand it to fit in more shopping or belongings. If you plan to go shopping at your destination, you might want to go for a soft suitcase. Many styles include additional zips and compression straps that allow you to expand your bag and add more space. 

  • Durability
    While hard-sided luggage can be more durable than soft-sided luggage, there is a slight chance the cases can crack. Overall, hard luggage is easy to wipe down, a breeze to clean, and last for much longer than a soft bag.  Remember – you can wipe down a hard bag much easier than a soft bag. 


Have you made up your mind and chosen whether a hard-sided suitcase or a soft bag is better for your travel lifestyle?


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