Are Cheap Suitcases as Good as Expensive Options?

When it comes to certain things in life, the adage has been that ‘you get what you pay for.” Tailored suits, handbags, shoes, and furniture are just a few of things for which traditional wisdom states you should pay high prices. You’ll usually see luggage in this category, with luggage sets often costing hundreds of pounds – or even more.

At Flight Knight, we are all about challenging the notion that luggage has to cost a small fortune to be considered ‘high quality’. We sell our cheap cabin luggage and cheap large suitcases direct from the manufacturer to the consumer, cutting out the middleman. The result? Cheap luggage that exceeds all expectations.

Three reasons why Flight Knight cheap luggage stands up to more
expensive brands

Here are our top three reasons why our affordable luggage and cabin bags can rival the priciest brands out there.

1. Kiss middlemen goodbye – Flight Knight offers its luggage direct to consumers. When it comes to expensive luggage brands you are often paying a lot of money for advertising, branding, and costly showrooms. Every middleman along the way gets their cut – the distributor, the department store, and the salesperson.
Once you remove all of the extra commissions and retail mark-ups, you’ll see that the suitcases cost around the same price to make. You can pay the same amount to the manufacturer and end up with elite luggage at a fraction of the cost. It’s a no brainer!

2. Flight Knight suitcases are made of durable materials – Whether you choose to go with a hard-shell suitcase or luggage made from canvas or nylon, you need your luggage to be durable and hard-wearing. Even cheap cabin luggage can be made of high-quality materials that stand the test of time. 

Our hard-shell suitcases are comprised of rugged anti-scratch ABS (acrylonitrile
butadiene styrene) that can handle drops, scrapes, and high pressure. Whether you
check your bags or carry them on the plane, you’ll know that your baggage can handle the toughest situations you can throw at it.

3. Save money on your baggage so you can spend more money on your holidays! – Why spend all of your precious funds on your baggage before you’ve even stepped foot on the plane? Go for cheap cabin luggage instead of pricy designer options and save your pennies for your holiday.

For every pound that you save on your luggage, you could be wining, dining, and
shopping your way through Paris, Barcelona, New York, and Los Angeles. Travel is
expensive – prioritise your budget and spend your money where it counts.

What do you think about cheap suitcases vs. expensive luggage? Do you want to save money on your bags so you can spend more at your destination? Let us know!


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